Jeff Weinhaus

Jeffrey Weinhaus, the man who was shot Tuesday in rural Franklin county, predicted violent confrontations with government officials and the need for a revolution on his website and on self-produced YouTube videos.

Weinhaus, who has described himself as a born-again Christian and both a political activist and a political prisoner, has been provoking politicians, judges and law enforcement officials for years.

The Festus native who calls himself Bulletinman, had been increasingly confrontational in recent videos after officers with the Missouri Highway Patrol recently raided his home and confiscated his computer.

Weinhaus is no stranger to controversy. He has been a defendant in a multitude of civil and criminal legal cases arising out of Jefferson, Franklin and a number of other Missouri counties.

Over the years he ran unsuccessfully for a number of elected offices, according to published reports, and currently is a candidate for coroner in Crawford County.

Weinhaus wrote about many of these incidents and other alleged corruption in small newspapers he published, including The Provocateur and the Bulletin which later evolved into his website,

Recent posts to the site chronicled the recent confiscation of his computers which he claimed were being held “hostage” by the Missouri Highway Patrol.

“If something should happen to me or my family I know that there are some REAL Americans who will deal with those who are waging war against the People. It is our goal to keep this peaceful but we the people are dealing with criminal thugs who don’t care about violence. Pray, people, pray,” he said in a post Sunday — two days before he was shot.

In a 2006 radio interview, Weinhaus said that the American people needed to get off their “duffs” and take back their country, starting at the local level.

“We are now in a military state and I am living proof,” he said. “Look what they have done, but I will never be silenced. If God is on my side, then I know I can never be harmed.”