A local legislator wants to remove the requirement that concealed-carry weapon permits have to be renewed every three years.

State Rep. Dave Schatz, R-Sullivan, said he does not see the purpose of making concealed-carry permit holders go through a renewal process.

Schatz said the Second Amendment gives people the right to bear arms, and law-abiding citizens should not have to keep renewing their permits.

Since there is a fee associated with the renewal, Schatz said it is a tax and a way to “extract funds for no reason.”

Permit Fees

Mick Covington, the director of the Missouri Sheriffs Association, said he is not against a lifetime permit for concealed-carry weapons. But he said there must be fee changes if there are lifetime permits.

Otherwise, the integrity of the concealed-carry permit system will not be maintained, he added.

Much goes into keeping the concealed-carry permit system in Missouri up to date, and that costs money, Covington said.

Sustaining the system is an ongoing process that involves revoking concealed-carry permits in the event of arrests and convictions, Covington noted.

In order to do that type of work, requires creating networks and electronic communications, he added.

The Missouri Conservation Commission offers lifetime hunting and fishing licenses, and the National Rifle Association has lifetime memberships, he said.

But those lifetime memberships come with a different fee than an annual membership, Covington said.

Currently, a concealed carry permit is $100 when it is first issued, and renewals are $50.

Covington said he does not have a recommended fee for the proposed lifetime concealed-carry permit.

There are about 163,000 concealed-carry permit holders in the state.