State Rep. Paul Curtman, R-Pacific

State Rep. Paul Curtman, R-Pacific, wants input from residents on how to make Missouri government smaller and more efficient.

He recently unveiled a new website that will allow Missourians to share ideas.

The Downsizing State Government website is located at

Curtman, chairman of the Downsizing State Government Committee, is continuing the discussion from a previous statewide tour to gather input from citizens.

The website is a good way to gather input in an open and transparent manner, according to a news release from Curtman’s office.

“This is an opportunity for a collaborative effort between taxpayers, business owners and legislators that I am confident will produce meaningful discussions and substantive policy reforms,” Curtman said.

The three-day, nine-city tour conducted by the Downsizing State Government Committee saw participation from hundreds of Missouri citizens who were eager to share their ideas, the news release states. Based on the public input, Curtman compiled a report with several policy recommendations that could save the state millions of dollars each year, the release adds.