More than 80 people attended the Show-Me Cannabis Town Hall event Tuesday evening, March 18, at East Central College.

Show-Me Cannabis is an association of organizations and individuals who believe that cannabis prohibition is a failed policy, and regulating cannabis in a manner similar to alcohol would better control the production, distribution and consumption of cannabis than the current criminal market system does.

Kicking off the discussion on cannabis laws in Missouri and efforts currently under way to reform them was John Payne, executive director of Show-Me Cannabis.

Several members of law enforcement in Missouri also were on hand explaining how the legalization of marijuana would allow them to shift their focus from minor drug offenses to other types of crime.

Show-Me Cannabis planned to put legalizing marijuana on the ballot this November but has postponed the initiative to 2016.

The organization seeks to engage Missourians in a serious, public discussion about the issues associated with cannabis consumption, including medical cannabis, industrial hemp, public safety and financial analysis in order to address problems associated with the current policy.