JEFFERSON CITY – Representative Dave Hinson (R), St. Clair received the following information today concerning MoDOT’s new means of communicating traffic updates. MoDOT has added a text alert option to its popular “E-update” email subscription system. This means travelers can get urgent road information sent straight to their mobile device.

“Text alerts from our real-time traffic services -- Kansas City Scout and Gateway Guide -- are popular in Missouri’s metropolitan areas,” said Matt Hiebert, MoDOT production manager. “Now motorists in the rest of the state can also benefit from these notifications.”

Just visit to sign up for the service. You don’t even need a smartphone … just one that can receive text messages. Signing up is easy. If you already have an E-update account, just login and add your provider information and cellphone number. That’s it!

If you’re new to E-updates, create an account and choose which counties, routes and regions you want to know about. Current E-update subscribers just need to go to the sign-in page and supply their cellphone number and provider name. Their subscriptions will carry over.

When there’s trouble on a road or region you’ve added, whether it’s weather-related or an incident, our staff will send notifications to everyone who’s signed up. You’ll get a short message telling you what’s going on. And if you want to opt out of the service later, just log in to your account and remove your cellphone information.

A MoDOT E-update account is required and data charges may apply depending on your cellphone package.

Even if you don’t opt in for the text alert option, E-updates can keep you informed of road conditions, project information and other transportation-related info through email.

MoDOT reminds everyone that distracted driving is a major contributor to traffic crashes and this feature should NEVER be used while driving.