Missouri’s annual sales tax holiday runs Friday through this Sunday, Aug. 4.

Washington and all other communities in Franklin County except Gerald are participating this year in the sales tax holiday.

During this time, the state sales tax will not be assessed on certain purchases, including school supplies, personal computers and some clothing. Local governments can also participate in the holiday and increase the savings for shoppers during the holiday.

Those who shop in the Phoenix Center Development will see a three-quarter-cent Community Improvement District (CID) tax.

The state’s sales tax of 4.225 cents, as well as city and county taxes won’t be charged on the sale of qualifying sales tax holiday items.

Phoenix Center is the only development in the city that levies a CID tax.

The city of Washington charges a 1-cent general fund sales tax as well as 1/2-cent transportation sales tax and a 1/2-cent capital improvement sales tax.

Franklin County charges a 1/2-cent road and bridge tax as well as a 1/2-cent law enforcement sales tax.

Any person — including those who live outside of the state of Missouri — who makes a qualified purchase may participate in the holiday.

An individual does not have to be a student or be purchasing for a student to participate.

More information and a list of cities, counties and districts that have opted out of the holiday can be accessed at dor.mo.gov/business/sales/taxholiday/school.