State Rep. Paul Curtman, R-Pacific, recently sustained a leg injury when a motorcycle fell on his leg.

He said he was walking a motorcycle down a hill when it fell on his leg. It was 400 to 500 pounds, he added.

He went to the emergency room for X-rays, but no break was discovered.

He was surprised there was no fracture, calling it a “miracle of miracles.”

Deep tissue bruising appeared to be the injury, he said, adding that he was still experiencing some pain on Tuesday.

The injury occurred about two weeks ago at his parents’ house in Franklin County.

“I’m walking a whole lot better now,” he said. He expects to be 100 percent recovered in a few days.

Curtman said he was walking the motorcycle down the hill when it started moving too fast. His friends transported him to the hospital instead of an ambulance, he said.