The Missourian Publishing Co. announced that the St. Clair office will move a few doors north to 395 S. Main St. The office currently is located at 565 S. Main St. at the intersection of East Springfield Road.

The new office officially will open on Monday, July 2.

“We like the location and believe it will serve the community very well,” Missourian Publisher Bill Miller Sr. said. “Parking is ample, and we look forward to continue to serve the St. Clair area to the best of our ability.”

The Missourian first opened its St. Clair office 27 years ago and has been publishing a local edition twice weekly since. The first St. Clair Missourian appeared on June 5, 1985.

The first office was located at 465 St. Clair St.

Besides announcing The Missourian expansion into the city, the first local headline read: “‘Operation Clean-Sweep’ to Be Held June 15.” The story centered on a community cleanup effort spearheaded by the Chamber of Commerce.

Photo coverage was of St. Clair High School’s graduation.

The newspaper’s reports from 1985 stated that the decision to begin the St. Clair Missourian was made in May of that year after court litigation placed the town in the position of not having a newspaper. However, the article stated, the Missourian Publishing Co. had been making plans to extend into this area of the county for some time.

The goal then was to provide St. Clair with a newspaper that will “concentrate on local news and pictures, include countywide news coverage, present top features and provide a wide circulation for advertisers.” That mission continues today.

In addition, the story announcing the expansion of the newspaper stated that the company was making the investment in the St. Clair area because it believes the area is one of potential expansion coming to Franklin County.

“I’m thrilled The Missourian is reinvesting in St. Clair’s downtown,” current editor Keith E. Domke said. “This is a great city with great people, and I remain extremely excited and honored to be a part of it.

“This is a great newspaper owned by a great family. We will continue our dedication to provide strong coverage of St. Clair-area news and events and be a leading force in the continued growth of the community.”

The company continues to publish its Washington and Union editions on Wednesdays and weekends.