An updated policy on tobacco use has been added to the St. Clair R-XIII high school interscholastic activities manual. The manual for the 2012-2013 academic year was approved by the board of education during its July meeting.

The policy includes responsibilities for students who take part in interscholastic activities and covers areas such as basic guidelines for participation, sportsmanship, eligibility requirements, procedures and guidelines and discipline.

Under citizen guidelines for athletic participation, the following is now part of the manual regarding discipline for use of tobacco:

•First violation is a minimum of a 10-day restriction from activities which will include a minimum of two contests.

•Second violation is restriction from participating in activities for the remainder of the schedule.

•Third violation is restriction from participating in activities for the remainder of the school year.

“This clarifies to anyone participating the consequences of using tobacco,” R-XIII Superintendent Mike Murphy said to board members. “Everything else, according to our athletic director, is the same to what was approved last year.”

According to the manual, in the section just ahead of the tobacco discipline addition, the sale and/or abuse of alcohol, non-prescription drugs and tobacco leads to a student losing eligibility for a minimum of 25 percent of competitions for a first offense, 50 percent for a second offense and for the rest of the student’s high school career for a third offense. That policy remains the same from last year.

Other Disciplines

The manual also states that a student who is “under arrest” for a municipal ordinance violation, misdemeanor or felony charge “will be suspended from completion in extracurricular activities and remain ineligible until his/her judgment is satisfied according to public law and/or school policy.”

It also states that this includes violations that take place during the season and/or non-season, including evenings and weekends.

As far as athletes who are involved in misconduct while at school — including truancy, disrespect to teachers, fighting and abusive language — after a review by the head coach, athletic director and principal, the athlete involved and his or her parents will be notified of the results. Penalties may range from a reprimand and placing the athlete of probation to temporary or permanent restriction “from representing the school in interscholastic activities.”

The seriousness of the case and attitude of the athlete will determine the penalty, the policy states.

Also, the manual reads that the district can conduct random drug testing of students participating in extracurricular activities and interscholastic athletics. The program is mandatory for all participating students and includes a consent form that must be signed by the student and parents.

For more information on the manual, contact SCHS at 636-629-3500.