Sullivan School District voters on Tuesday approved a no-tax ballot measure that allows for improvements at four schools.

Proposition A was supported by 76.4 percent, or 331 votes, of the total ballots cast. There were 102 “no” votes.

The proposition asked whether the Sullivan district should issue general obligation bonds in the amount of $1.2 million for “remodeling, improving, constructing, reconstructing, building additions to, furnishing and equipping new and existing school buildings and related facilities and acquiring school buses.”

Specifically, the projects include repairing and replacing sidewalks and the playground surface at the primary school, replacing the cafeteria floor and renovating the back playground area at the elementary school, remodeling and updating the library and the restrooms at the middle school, and extending the walkway from the high school to the theater and making improvements to classrooms, maintenance and grounds there.

“Approval of this proposition is estimated to result in no tax increase over the existing debt service levy of $1.0955 per $100 of assessed valuation of real and personal property,” the proposition read.