Coaches and other extracurricular program leaders and directors will receive anywhere from 1 to 12 percent in addition on top of their regular paychecks for the 2012-2013 academic year under a payment schedule approved by the St. Clair R-XIII School District Board of Education.

The board during its May meeting approved $140,245.88 for educators in the district to be involved in the extracurricular activities the district offers.

The salary schedule does not include any funding for a high school archery coach and instructor. Expanding that program into SCHS is something the district said it would like to do, however.

Currently, dozens of St. Clair Junior High School students participate in archery as a club activity under the direction of Ted Koenigsfeld, who also is the boys and girls soccer coach at the high school. If the sport were to be added to the high school, the adult supervisor would have to volunteer his or her services, Superintendent Michael Murphy said.

“I’d like to see the archery program endure and expand,” Murphy told board members during their meeting last month. “But if we can’t find a volunteer, we won’t have the program there.”

The junior high started the activity three years ago and has had a lot of success with it, including a recent appearance in the National Archery in the Schools Program national tournament in Louisville, Ky.

“Now we have kids who have been involved with archery at the junior high who are waiting for it to evolve at the high school,” Murphy said. “We’re pursuing with trying to find a volunteer for that position. Mr. Koenigsfeld is not interested” because of all his other teaching and coaching responsibilities.

Budget Limits

When presenting the extracurricular salary schedule, Murphy said the board “had to work within the confines of this amount of money for this year (2012-2013).”

After being questioned by board member Mike Drewel, Murphy said the schedule could be revisited for the following academic year, but it can’t be adjusted for 2012-2013 because some contracts already have been extended and approved at the current amount.

Drewel mainly centered his comments on why some teachers received as much as 12 percent more than their salary to coach and/or oversee some extra programs while others received significantly less.

“Can’t we realign this better?” he asked.

Murphy said he believes this is the first time the extracurricular salary schedule directly has been shared and discussed with board members on this level. He said some of the schedule amounts are based on the longevity of the teacher involved, his or her educational degree and the amount of money the activity brings back into the district.

“We want to take care of the people we have but also be competitive with positions we’re trying to hire,” he said.

Board President Dave Berkel added that “we’re trying to squeeze in as much as we can here” as far as the extracurricular salary schedule.

Salary Schedule

As far as the approved salary schedule for 2012-2013, new boys basketball coach Casey Korn, girls basketball coach Jena Carroll, head football coach Cody McDowell and new head band instructor Andrew Jackson will receive the highest percentage of additional money on top of their teaching salary — 12 percent — to be involved with their specific extracurricular activity.

Jackson, hired to replace 30-year instrumental music teacher and band director Paul Swofford last month, is at the top of that list and will receive a total salary package of $42,434.56 in 2012-2013. He will receive $37,888 as a teacher with the 12 percent extra for the extracurricular band work adding $4,546.56 to that total.

Carroll’s and McDowell’s total salary also will top $40,000 while Korn’s will be more than $36,000 with his basketball stipend and more than $37,500 with his extra 5 percent for also being boys golf coach.

The highest-paid teacher in R-XIII who has extracurricular responsibilities will be 30-year veteran David Purviance, who is an assistant football coach and head boys track and field coach. His total package next year will be almost $60,000. He receives 8 percent extra for track and 7 percent for football.

Mark Payne gets an extra 10 percent on his $39,618 teacher salary to be the wrestling coach. That position adds $3,961.80 to his pay.

Several coaches receive 8 percent, including Koenigsfeld, who gets 8 percent tacked on for both his boys and girls soccer responsibilities. The lowest coaching percentage is 3 for cross country assistant Katherine Ferguson.

Assistant band director Kelly Walker will receive 8 percent for her extracurricular duties. Her base salary will be $34,650 with an additional $2,772.

Christy Dickinson gets 6 percent for being the choir director, or an additional $1,974.12 on top of her $32,902 teaching salary.

Paul Hickey makes more than $50,000 as a longtime district drama and speech teacher with another 5 percent for his extracurricular responsibilities in that field.

On the other end of the scale, junior high Student Council co-adviser Amy Hall will receive 1 percent on top of her teaching salary to help oversee that program. That adds up to another $366.73 on top of her teaching contract.

Science Olympiad coach Lisa Selby will receive 1.5 percent on top of her teacher salary to oversee that program. However, she also gets another 3 and 2 percent tacked on, respectively, because she is in charge of the junior high National Honor Society and Scholar Bowl.

Teachers receiving a 2 percent salary increase for overseeing extracurricular activities are Matt Harrison as the drama assistant, Colleen Garrett for both pep club and Scholar Bowl assistant, Kerry Dilks for SCJHS Student Council and Lauren O’Brien for SCHJS yearbook.