The recently completed walking trail at Evergreen Park soon may feature a landmark, thanks to a local Eagle Scout project.

During the St. Clair Parks and Recreation Board’s July meeting late last month, Scout leader Mike Simcox and City Administrator Rick Childers discussed the project that would add a covered bridge to the trail where a drainage ditch crosses it behind the community swimming pool.

The trail, which features two separate loops that surround Evergreen Park and the adjoining St. Clair Southern Baptist Church property, was completed earlier this summer. The larger loop around the park, including Veterans Field, measures about 4,300 feet in length. The smaller loop on the church property is almost 1,900 feet long.

The bridge would be built on the larger loop where the trail runs along the treeline on the north side of the park near Missouri Avenue and Lee Court.

“It will go over the creek area on the new trail behind the pool,” Childers told park board members during their meeting.

Simcox said the Eagle Scout project will be led by Billy Guyton, adding that he expects the bridge to be built in sections off-site and assembled in place in the park.

“The Scouts will provide all the labor and a portion of the materials,” he said.

Childers said the city would pick up the remaining cost of supplies and materials, which he estimated to be about $500.

“We don’t have a true estimate of costs yet,” Childers said. “But it shouldn’t be that expensive.”

Park board members unanimously voted to recommend the project.

The 8-foot-long structure would have a peaked roof and resemble a traditional covered bridge. The upper portions of both sides would be open. It would be made out of wood and metal with concrete piers for supports.

There was no estimated time line or completion date for the project 

Boo Bash

The Evergreen Park trail may also turn scary when Halloween approaches this fall if the city’s annual Boo Bash event is moved.

Park board members discussed having the Oct. 20 event at Evergreen Park to showcase the trail and use it for a haunted hayride that evening as well as the night before.

Simcox brought the request to park board members while also discussing the covered bridge.

For the past couple of years, Boo Bash has taken place near City Park on Main Street in conjunction with the St. Clair Jaycees Chili Cook Off. This year, however, the events may be split as St. Clair Jaycees President Stephanie Smith said she wants the cook off to take place on Oct. 20 at Orchard Park.

Both Smith and Childers have said they believe the events would be better away from the downtown area so local businesses are not disrupted on a Saturday.

Childers said during the park board meeting that he needs to check into the availability of electricity at Evergreen Park before a final decision is made on the Boo Bash location. If enough electrical outlets are not available, the event could be at Orchard Park with the haunted hayride taking place on the walking trail there.

“We prefer Evergreen,” park board President Beth Lauer said. “But, Orchard Park also would be OK.

“We would just like to show off the new trail at Evergreen Park if we can.”

A trick-or-treating plan for either park remains up in the air.

Vendor applications for Boo Bash are being accepted through the city and park department. For more information, call city hall at 636-929-0333.