Slightly more than halfway through the 2012 calendar year, the city of St. Clair has issued a higher number of building permits than the year before.

City Building Inspector Jeremy Crowe attributes the increase to several factors, but mostly to a large number of permits issued for excavations to repair or replace water and sewer laterals and to repair or upgrade electrical services and heating, venting and air-conditioning systems or condensing units because of the recent extreme heat.

“Overall, I think this year is going to be a positive year for the city and its residents,” Crowe told The Missourian.

The total number of building permits issued within city limits through the end of June is 77. A year ago, the number was 62. That computes to a 24 percent increase from last year to this year halfway through.

New Homes

New home construction remains stagnant in St. Clair, Crowe said. In the first half of this year, only one permit has been issued to construct a single-family home versus two at this time a year ago.

There have been two permits to install mobile or modular homes so far this year.

The new home is in Meadow Oaks. The mobile or modular homes are in Crescent Lake Mobile Home Park and on Commercial Avenue.

“There is a possibility there may be some permits issued later on this year for the construction of a few single-family or two-family dwellings within Meadow Oaks subdivision,” Crowe said.

The developer of that subdivision, Tyson Quattlebaum, currently is going through the rezoning process with Phases I and II of the development. He is seeking to rezone that area of the subdivision to R-2 two-family residential from R-1C single-family residential to accommodate at least six two-unit townhouses that will share a center common wall on a future cul-de-sac.

The St. Clair Board of Aldermen approved the rezoning request on Monday night.

Other Permits

According to the city’s list of permits issued, excavating and repairing water lines tops the list so far this year with 10 issued. Next is installing HVAC units and roof work at six each. Five permits have been issued for sewer line replacements, fence work and remodeling jobs.

“Roofs, siding and window replacements and also fence, deck and pool permits have been about the same so far this year as last year,” Crowe said.

He also said he expects three commercial remodeling or expansion permits to be issued later this year. Casey’s General Store currently is going through the process to receive permission to add on to its business, and Burger King soon will request a remodeling permit. Crowe said he will not reveal the name of the third business because he has not yet received all the information.

“I will say the third remodel is highly visible and frequently used by many of the residents as well as people passing through our area by means of Interstate 44,” Crowe said. “I would expect to see some plans sometime in the near future.”


Adding July into the mix, another 17 permits were issued, increasing the year’s total to 94.

There have been three additional permits for roof work, two for remodeling work, two for sewer line repairs and two for electrical work.