A public hearing to seek input on recommended adoption of the 2013 city of St. Clair budget had been scheduled for 6:45 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 3, in city hall.

Anyone interested in addressing the board of aldermen regarding the annual appropriations for the city is encouraged to attend.

During the regular board meeting that follows at 7 p.m., an ordinance is scheduled to be presented to the aldermen to adopt the budget.

The total proposed 2013 budget is $6.449 million. Each of the six funds within the overall budget are balanced, creating an overall balanced budget for the fifth year in a row, if approved as presented.

The six funds are general, water and sewer, park, street improvement, half-cent sales tax and transportation. A seventh fund, debt service, is removed from the budget through completion of payments reflected in it.

“The budget as proposed recognizes three primary factors — the need to continue accumulation of reserves to the greatest extent practical, the culmination of several years’ effort in the completion of two major transportation projects and direction from the board of aldermen to maintain expenses within revenues generated during 2013 without the use of ‘carryover’ funds from 2012,” the annual appropriations summary states.

The current, 2012 budget approved a year ago totaled $6.503 million. The city’s fiscal year mirrors the calendar year so by law the budget must be passed by Dec. 31.

The proposed 2013 budget includes a 2 percent wage increase for all employees except for elected officials and sets aside a salary for a new full-time “utility skilled laborer” as well as a part-time recreation director.

The budget also includes a contractual 3 percent increase for waste hauling services, but no increase in water and sewer collection fees.

The aldermen, Mayor Ron Blum, City Administrator Rick Childers and several department heads went through three budget workshops in October and November to produce the document that will be reviewed on Monday.

Following are the specific fund amounts, according to the budget summary:

•General: $2.211 million in 2013 compared to $2.295 million in 2012.

•Water and sewer: $1.922 in 2013 compared to $1.935 million in 2012.

•Park: $145,137 in 2013 compared to $196,712 in 2012.

•Street improvement: $1.339 million in 2013 compared to $1.439 million in 2012.

•Half-cent sales tax: $412,900 in 2013 compared to $408,415 in 2012.

•Transportation tax: $209,600 in 2013 compared to $228,937 in 2012.

Other Business

Also on Monday’s agenda will be an ordinance authorizing City Clerk Chris Fawe to amend the 2012 budget to provide monies within the street improvement fund for road project costs.

Ordinance language states that $200,000 will be transferred out of reserves into the street improvement fund to cover costs.

In addition, the aldermen will discuss purchasing a new truck for public works employees as well as purchasing radio-read water meters.