Mike and Angie Chaudoir

St. Clair residents Angie and Mike Chaudoir are networking so well with others that a national magazine has touted their accomplishments.

Success From Home magazine — written and designed to inform, motivate and inspire individuals considering the home-based business market and further the success of those who already own their own business — has featured the local couple in its April edition. It hit newsstands this past Sunday.

The Chaudoirs belong to a group called “Team National,” which provides membership savings with a wide variety of products and services in more than 20 different industries.

“We’re members,” Mike Chaudoir told The Missourian. “Team National is a network marketing company based in Fort Lauderdale that sells memberships to local people and businesses to help them out. The memberships save money by reducing overhead costs. It’s like a factory direct thing.”

The two-page spread headlines the Chaudoirs as “A life in harmony.”

“I think it looks pretty good,” Mike said of the magazine feature.

He said there are two sides to the Team National operation — the direct selling and the marketing referral.

“We sell memberships to companies so they can save money and market their businesses,” he said. “And, we’re at the highest level of the company. We’re in the top 5 percent.”

When Success From Home decided to feature Team National, the Chaudoirs were selected to be one of the success stories.

“Team National decided who they wanted to represent them,” Mike said. “They picked us.”

Angie Chaudoir owns and operates Family Holistic Health Solutions. She is a board-certified naturopath doctor and opened her business in St. Clair in late 2010 after spending more than 20 years in the corporate world.

She said that even though her business is local and serves area residents, about 50 percent of her clientele comes through marketing and networking with Team National.

“My business is doing great,” she said.

Angie is also a professional speaker and author, which she said are two of her passions.

Mike has owned multiple businesses and is now a real estate agent. He currently sits on the Team National Business Exchange Committee and works toward helping small businesses prosper.

The Chaudoirs joined Team National in 2007.

“It saved us thousands of dollars,” Mike said. “So we decided to share it with friends and business partners.”

Their Team National group now covers 20 states and has allowed Angie to operate her natural medicine business.

By the end of 2008, the Chaudoirs had been recognized through Team National for their fast growth. In 2010, they reached the platinum, or top 5 percent, plateau.

Team National provides businesses and families value- and factory-direct pricing in home furnishings and more. Its website states that it reduces the costs of products and services for customers and members. In addition, it says it offers an industry-leading compensation program for individuals who choose to market memberships.

Its mission statement is “to enrich the lives of our independent marketing directors and our corporate staff by providing the vehicles for continued growth and everyday savings.”

Every month Success From Home spotlights an individual network marketing or direct selling company, exposing readers to its history, future and the people responsible for its success.