The city of Pacific’s fireworks exhibit and fallen soldier memorial service planned for this past Sunday, July 1, in the city park was canceled due to concerns over extreme heat.

The events have been rescheduled for Saturday, July 14.

Fire Marshal Ken Prichard said he met with Fire Chief Rick Friedmann and several city officials including fireworks Chair Carol Johnson before making the call.

Prichard said the decision was prompted as much by concern for people most susceptible to extreme heat, like small children, the infirmed and the elderly, as by concerns about fire.

“We were equipped to handle any danger of fire,” Prichard said.

Once officials had assembled to discuss the possibility of canceling the event, it was not the fire marshal who put forth the suggestion.

“Actually it was Carol Johnson who made the first call,” Prichard said. “As soon as we got there she said she was ready to call it off.”

Johnson said she was concerned about workers and families being out in the extreme heat for several hours. She immediately contacted all participants in the event, including booth operators and entertainers.

“Everybody agreed to come back,” she said. “The entire event will be rescheduled for Saturday, July 14.”

Dian Becker, Pacific emergency manage director, released the following notice via email:

“The city of Pacific is postponing the fireworks show from July 1 to July 14 due to the extreme heat, humidity and high fire danger. Many cities have postponed Fourth of July fireworks displays due to extreme fire hazard conditions.”

Becker added a caution about personal fireworks.

“If you still plan on using fireworks please use extreme caution. Fire departments have already been busy with quick-spreading brush fires sparked from cigarettes thrown out to other sources,” Becker said.