The Pacific Park Board gave its approval to the installation of a waterfall in Lower Blackburn, which also is known as Adam’s Garden.

Alderman Walter Arnette asked the park board to approve the project and take a recommendation to the board of aldermen.

The action was taken at the park board’s Oct. 8 meeting in the new city hall.

U.S. Silica has been instrumental in ground preparation and has agreed to provide large stones to lay as the fall backdrop.

Hillermann Nursery in Washington is creating an architectural design for the waterscape.

“The only city money that will be spent on the project is the hookup to city water,” Arnette said. “Robert (Brueggemann, city water department supervisor) said he wanted to do the actual hookup.”

City water is located within 20 feet to where it will be needed for the cascade, so the cost to the city will be minimal, Arnette said.

After stones are placed against an existing stonewall in the northwest corner of the small park, the water would fall 15 to 18 feet to a rock bed.

“The stones in the bed might be damp but there won’t be a pool of water for anyone to wade in,” Arnette said. “It has to be safe.”

Organizers hope to complete the installation of the project this fall.

A bricklaying ceremony is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 20.