The tree-shaded lot on the corner of Congress and Olive has been donated to the city and set aside for the use of the Pacific Community Garden Group, which completed its first year in operation on an adjoining lot donated by the same family.

Members of the Pacific Community Garden Group were on hand at the Jan. 3 board of aldermen meeting when Mae Viehland signed over the property to the city.

The lot, which adjoins the former Viehland home place, was never developed.

Viehland's son, Arthur, visited with Susan Cunningham and Lloyd Klinedinst, garden group organizers, prior to suggesting to his mother that she donate the property next to the existing community garden to the city for use by the garden group.

Garden club organizers said the gift offered many opportunities for family enjoyment.

"The corner lot has several fruit trees as well as other shade trees which will make a pleasant resting spot on hot summer days," Klinedinst said. "The Viehland family asked that the lot be called Arnold's Garden in remembrance of the former Pacific Mayor Arnold Viehland."

The unexpected gift came after the garden completed its first year of planting and harvesting in 2011 in a plot provided by the city. The garden club plots were located on the site of the first property bought out in the flood of 2008 flood buyout program.

Mae Viehland owned the lot and the adjoining property.

After one year of record crops and community participation, Viehland donated the park-like residential lots adjoining her former home place to the city and suggested that they be used by the Community Garden Group.

Garden Club organizers Lloyd Kline-dinst and Susan Cunningham were on hand to accept the gift.

Klinedinst said the property will complement the garden with a park-like atmosphere.

"We hope to find the volunteer support of a landscape architect or similar person to design a beautiful area to complement the garden," Klinedinst said. "This could include paths, existing trees, flowering plantings, and perhaps a sculpture or two."