Aldermen extended the hours of the September Cave Jam to midnight for outdoor music and 1:30 a.m. for music in a tent.

Phil Zahn, owner of the caves in the 700 block of East Osage, and operator of Cave Jam, made the request for extended hours at the May 1 board of aldermen meeting.

“After midnight there will be a deejay in the tented area and the outdoor stage will be closed,” Zahn said.

Alderman Mike Pigg said when he had asked Zahn last year why he was closing at 10 p.m. Zahn had replied that after that time all the drunks come out.

“Last year we had no idea who would be there,” Zahn said. “This year we’re more confident on what can be done.”

Zahn said he could direct the sound to the east toward the sand plant where there are no residences.

“We’ve been doing that for 52 weeks with music on my (Third Rail) patio and no one has ever called and complained,” he said.

Walter Arnette said the police will listen in.

“If it gets too loud, you’ll have to quiet it down,” Arnette said.

“I don’t know how much control I can have over their music,” Zahn said. “There are three bands with national touring tracks. We sign contracts that say you can’t cut our music down.”

Zahn also said the Cave Jam will continue for many years.

“We don’t want to upset any neighbors,” he said. “Last year was extremely smooth with no trouble.”