Dillon Patton with Boy Scout Troop 443 Villa Ridge has successfully raised funds to build a fenced dog walk in the city park, according to Stephen Flannery, Pacific Park Board president.

“I attended a Chamber of Commerce lunch and he was there,” Flannery said. “He reported that he has raised the $3,000 he was shooting for. With the city’s $3,000, that makes a total of $6,000.”

Speaking at the Oct. 8 park board meeting, Flannery said he would follow up with the Scout to confirm a construction date.

“He has to be finished by his 18th birthday in February,” Flannery said. “Between now and Thanksgiving would be a good time before it turns cold when there is no concrete. I’ll double-check.”

Park board members have looked at dog walks in other cities to compare how residents use the exercise areas.

The board has not concluded the rules for using the dog run. Members favor a locked gate with some kind of entry mechanism for pet owners who have met certain criteria.

“We’re going to have to finalize that,” Matt Vickers said.

The park board meets the first Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at city hall. Meetings are open to the public.