Model UN Club Recognized

Some members of the Pacific High School Model UN Club show off certificates received from the school board to recognize their big win in the recent Model UN competition. Members of the Model UN Club are Jordan Ainsworth, Karissa Archambault, Malcom Black, Dillon Bowers, Josh Carter, Heather Castelli, Shawn Conklin, Jenny Duever, Megan DiBlasi, Flynn Edgerton, Kelsie Eversmeyer, Emily Freeman, Kira Grimm, Jesse Groom, Chris Hayden, Rachel Hendrix, Taylor Hill, Aliyah Hinkle, Tim Hulsey, Matt Johnson, Megan Meininger, Laci Meyer, Sara Mosher, Nikki Mueller, Adreanne Penn, Kaytlyn Reed, Austin Repp, Ashley Roesch, Bria Schimsa, Anna Schneider, Ryan Seifert, Melissa Silistria, Angie Stanley and Chris Vaughan. Matt Agee is the Model UN sponsor. Mike Butler and Mike Wells, school board members, presented the certificates.

Members of the Pacific High School 2012 Model UN Club closed out the year with a large number of competitive honors, showing that government studies can not only be fun, it can encourage students to learn about government from the top down.

Since teacher Matt Agee, a former PHS Model UN Club member, took over the duties of sponsoring the club, the Pacific High team has swamped regional competition, organizing countries, debating in the international general assembly and depicting countries’ culture and flags.

In the 2012 school year alone, Pacific Model UN club entered two competitions, one in November 2011 at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau and the second at the end of March at Union High School.

At the SEMO competition, with six schools competing, PHS had 46 students. In the second semester, with eight schools competing in Union, PHS entered 82 students.

“Probably the top prize won by a Pacific High School student would have been Heather Castelli’s essay prize,” Agee said. “She won this at the SEMO competition and was listed as the second best overall essay which entitled her to the $75 prize.”

Other wins in the Union competition included third place for the first committee, Malcolm Black and Laci Meyer representing France; first place in the third committee, Rachel Hendrix and Kelsie Eversmeyer representing France; third place, fourth committee, Chris Vaughan representing New Zealand; second place in fourth committee, Heather Castelli and Melissa Silistria, representing France; first place, fourth committee, Bria Schimsa and Jordan Ainsworth, representing Seychelles;

Third place in national flag, Malcolm Black, Laci Meyer, Rachel Hendrix, Kelsie Eversmeyer, Heather Castelli and Melissa Silistria, representing France; second place in national flag, Sara Mosher, Karisa Archambault, Emily Freeman, Anna Schneider, Adrienne Penn, Taylor Hill, Aliyah Hinkle and Kaytie Reed, representing Lebanon; and first place in national flag, Angie Stanley, Bria Schimsa, Nikki Mueller, Jordan Ainsworth and Austin Repp.

The first semester competitors are as follows:

Sarah Blake, Katie Greer, Kyle Helmig, Kersten Weaver and Jenny Duever, Afghanistan;

Lucy Dunn, Chris Hayden, Casey Loyet, Sierra Sams, Mikaela Speakes and Taylor Streibig, Egypt;

Malcom Black, Heather Castelli, Kelsie Eversmeyer, Jenny Green, Rachel Hendrix, Laci Meyer, Elizabeth Petersen and Melissa Silistria, France;

Emily Freeman, Aliyah Hinkle, Sara Mosher, Adreanne Penn, Katie Reed, Anna Schneider, Karrisa Archibault and Taylor Hill, Lebanon;

Cassie Lages, John Laycock, Cassandra Preiss, Sarah Colson, Lisa VanAtta and Chris Vaughn, New Zealand;

Austin Repp, Jordan Ainsworth, Amy Clements, Nikki Mueller, Bria Schimsa, Angie Stanley and Austin Storie, Seychelles;

Josh Carter, Steven Craig, Andrew David, Tyler Manuel and Riley Murray, South Korea.

Second semester competitors are as follows:

Dillon Bowers, Megan DiBlasi, Flynn Edgerton, Nikki Mueller, Bria Schmisa and Angie Stanley, Australia;

Emily Freeman, Aliyah Hinkle, Adreanne Penn, Kayte Reed, Ashley Roesch and Anna Schneider, Canada;

Karissa Archambault, Brittney Franek, Taylor Hill, Ashley Hill, Chris Klenke and Mirana Lauth, Cuba;

Heather Castelli, Jenni Duever, Kelsie Eversmeyer, Jesse Groom, Chris Hayden and Melissa Silistria, Denmark;

Logan Armstrong, Tanner Brown, Miranda Matchell, Brittany Stanfill and Hank Vandaveer, Dominican Republic;

Peter Bogomolov, Sammy Davis, Kate Kiel, Cassie Lages, Sean Pickett and Chris Vaughan, Fiji;

Todd D’Aquila, Brendan Jett-Kell, Lucas Johnson, Ryan Jones, Nate Morff and Joe Turner, Georgia;

Brianna Dieckman, Darby Ferguson, Jenny Green, Laci Meyer, Elizabeth Petersen and Abrar Salameh, India;

Jordan Ainsworth, Sicelia Nichols, Cassandra Preiss, Heather Stedman and Heather Wideman, Jordan;

Shawn Conklin, Kira Grimm, Tim Hulsey, Matt Johnson, Megan Meininger and Ryan Seifert, Philippines;

Josh Carter, Stephen Craig, Andrew David, Chris Ellis, Tyler Manuel and Riley Murray, Russia;

Marcus Albright, Lexi Everhardt, Shayne Filley, Joey Haley, Doug Marquart and Jake Schultz, Sudan; and

Katie Greer, Kaylee Hardcastle, Kyle Helmig, Katrina Lynn and Sara Mosher, Sweden; Sarah Blake and James Bober, Vietnam.