It was one of the largest community projects the Pacific Kiwanis Club had undertaken when they joined with the Pacific Park Board to completely replace the children’s playground in the city park.

The Kiwanis portion of the project, a Jungle Gym for children ages 6 to 12, cost $37,000 and the club established a series of fundraisers to buy the equipment. The club had to take out a loan to make the final payment on the equipment.

Several organizations pitched in to help with the project, but as year end approached the club still owed $14,000 on the equipment, according to Alderman Jerry Eversmeyer, who serves as treasurer of the Pacific Eagles.

“The Eagles talked about and decided to lend a hand,” he said.

“It was coming up on the end of the year and we just didn’t want them to go into the new year with that debt,” Eversmeyer added. “We voted to pay off the remaining portion of the debt.”

The comments were made at the Nov. 20 board of aldermen meeting.

“I can give you $400 toward that debt,” said resident Kirk Presley, whose family operates Presley Glass.

Eversmeyer noted that the Eagles Auxiliary also had contributed $400 to the debt.

At that same meeting the city honored the Eagles Aerie, Eagles Auxiliary and Presley for partnering with the Kiwanis Club in an improvement that greatly enhanced the city park.

“Most everything good that we’ve accomplished for the city in recent years, has been done through a partnership,” Adams said. “It’s extremely difficult for one entity to do these big projects alone. Working together in this way enhances our quality of life.”

The equipment was installed with local volunteer labor and professional supervision with a children’s playground equipment engineer working under the direction for the park board.

The park board used its capital improvement line item to replace the equipment for youngsters age two to 5.