The hiring of three part-time police officers was approved by Pacific aldermen at the Nov. 6 board meeting, marking a new strategy for increasing the size of the force.

The three officers will each work 30 hours a week, but will not be paid employee benefits. Currently all three work as reserve officers.

Aldermen approved the appointment of Kevin Conley, Tony Lindeman and Steven Nagel to the part-time posts.

The three have been serving as reserve officers for the department and looking for jobs in law enforcement, Police Chief Matt Mansell said.

Three part-time officers will cost the city approximately the same as one officer receiving full benefits, Mansell said.

This gives the department three officers for the cost of one, according to Mansell.

“For some time I’ve been looking at ways to bring more officers onto the force,” Mansell said.

Since the three were reserve officers, the chief said he was well aware of their resumes and their work habits.

“They are all extremely qualified,” Mansell said.

“They needed a job, better than what they had, and we needed more officers,” he said.