Mayor Herb Adams said even in a down economy, the city continues to work on street improvements.

Adams said the announcement that two Pacific road improvement projects, totaling $1.8 million, are on the East-West Gateway Council of Governments (EWGW) list to be recommended for approval this month, is an important step for the city.

Congress Street (Highway N) is proposed for resurfacing and the addition of curbs and sidewalks from Hawthorne subdivision to Fourth Street.

Total cost of the project is $988,000 with the federal payment of $790,600 and a local match of $197,400.

The EWGW staff also is recommending that Old Gray Summit Road be resurfaced and expanded to 12-foot lanes, standard lane width. Curbs and gutters would be installed if that project receives final approval.

Total cost of the project is projected at $826,000, with $661,190 funded with a federal grant and a local match of $164,809.

The projects are due to be reviewed and voted on by the EWGW board of directors this month.

The projects tentatively are scheduled to be constructed in 2014, according to the draft Transportation Improvement Program under review by the EWGW board of directors.