Two aldermen want to see a pedestrian crosswalk on Osage Street between the Queen’s IGA parking lot entrance and Hoven Drive to allow residents of Millstone Apartments on Flier Drive to walk to the pharmacy.

Speaking at the March 5 board meeting, Alderman Walter Arnette said he had been contacted by the residents asking the city to look into putting a crosswalk at the busy location.

Arnette said he received one letter and several phone calls from individuals who don’t drive.

“Our sidewalks have made it possible for them to walk from the apartments to Osage and to IGA,” he said. “They love the sidewalks. But they also need to get to the pharmacy.”

Arnette noted that Pacific is an aging population and health officials are always stressing that people should walk more.

“But we have to make it safe for them to walk,” he said. “Safety is No. 1 with me.”

Alderman Mike Pigg said Millstone residents who want to walk across Osage to the pharmacy had also contacted him.

Mayor Herb Adams directed City Engineer Dan Rahn to look at what would be required to install a crosswalk, including the best location and any needed improvements. He said Police Chief Matt Mansell also would review the measure.

There are currently three electric signals on Osage Street — at First Street, Viaduct Street and at the LaMar Parkway-Interstate 44 eastbound interchange.