A meeting between Pacific and Franklin County officials to discuss the Brush Creek Sewer district is on hold for a time because one county official has a medical problem.

“County Attorney Mark Vincent needs some surgery and we’ll wait until he can be present for the meeting,” Mayor Herb Adams said.

The city notified county officials by letter that they were willing to meet to in an attempt to reach an out-of-court agreement on a legal suit the city has filed against the sewer district.

First District Commissioner Tim Brinker telephoned Adams to discuss a meeting.

“He didn’t realize that we had already written a letter outlining our willingness to meet,” Adams said. “We both agreed that a face to face meeting is in everyone’s interest.”

Speaking at a March 18 meeting with reporters about the sewer district, Brinker read from a previous news story that quoted Adams as saying he (Adams) wanted to assure Pacific residents that they would not have to pay 1 cent to correct the problems of the sewer district.

“I would say that we (the county commissioners) feel exactly the same way,” Brinker said. “We don’t want Pacific residents to have to spend money to fix our problems.”

Identifying the problems and developing a program to correct them is the goal of the commission, Brinker said.

In the legal suit, the city cited concerns and costs to the city resulting from the county exceeding the 200,000-gallon-a-day limit on sewage that is processed at Pacific’s wastewater treatment facility.

County officials say they were not aware of the scope of the stormwater infiltration problems that caused the high volume of sewage until a Jan. 15 incident created an overflow of sewage on Shaw Nature Reserve property. They say they have instructed Franklin County Water District 3, which manages the sewer district, to survey the system and report on the location, remedy and cost to correct the infiltration problems.

“When we get that report we’ll be in a better position to tackle the problem,” Presiding Commissioner John Griesheimer said.