One of the most successful and popular citizen activities in recent memory has recently been the victim of foul play, according to City Administrator Harold Selby.

Plots in the Pacific Community Garden Club (PCCG) on East Orleans Street have been vandalized, garden club officials say.

Produce has been stolen from some plots and trash has been thrown into the garden club containers.

Lloyd Klinedinst, one of the garden club organizers, said he has spoken to Selby about the possibility of fencing the garden.

“He (Selby) said he is looking into seeing if the city can provide fencing for us,” Klinedinst told members in the regular email.

“If not, he will give us leads on possible donors or leads to help us fence the area and lock it with a combination lock for authorized gardeners to use,” Klinedinst stated.

Klinedinst has asked garden club members to report brief, but specific (detailed) descriptions of any produce they find taken from their plots so he can keep a tally of what the losses are.

He also asked gardeners to post on the PCGG blog when they pick community plots so people don’t misinterpret the produce as having been taken by someone else.

Garden club members routinely harvest ripe produce from the community plots and take it to the Agape House to be distributed to area families.