Three St. Bridget of Kildare Elementary School students earned blue ribbons with science projects entered in the Greater St. Louis Science Fair in Queeny Park.

Along with her blue ribbon, Michaela Morhaus, eighth grade student and daughter of Bruce and Nicole Morhaus of Pacific, earned special awards from the American Chemical Society, St. Louis section, and MEMC. 

Michaela’s project was an observation of a model of gel electrophoresis, a technique used to separate and view macromolecules, a process used in forensic science, for example, in the identification of DNA.

Michaela, has entered successful projects in the science fair for the past three years, including her sixth-grade blue ribbon that was the top sixth-grade experiment in the competition.

Morgan Ripper and Olivia Walter also earned blue ribbons for their joint experiment “fascinating fertilizer.”

Morgan, a sixth-grade student, is the daughter of John and Tina Ripper, Pacific.

Olivia, also a sixth-grader, is the daughter of Scott and Robyn Walter, Pacific.

The Academy of Science of St. Louis hosts the annual event with funding support from Monsanto and MEMC. In 2011, there were over 1,700 top projects, representing 250 public and private schools, on display and eligible for further awards.

St. Bridget students projects went to Queeney after winning in the school science fair chaired by science teacher Marge Maher.