Incumbent candidates for Wards 2 and 3 aldermanic seats were returned to office in the April 3 election.

Jerry Eversmeyer and Mike Pigg won decisive victories in the races.

Ward 1 Alderman Ed Gass, who was unopposed, also retained his seat.

Eversmeyer, Ward 2, who faced challenges from three candidates, was returned to office winning 57 percent majority. He received 129 votes. The vote totals for other candidates were Stephen Woodruff, 47, Dave Monroe, 43, and William Hohman, 12.

Pigg, who was challenged for his Ward 3 seat by two candidates, received 117 votes, or 49 percent of the total. Matt Agee received 66 votes and Matt Vickers had 58 votes.

Eversmeyer said in his campaign literature that he would move forward with his quest for sidewalks throughout the city, starting with the major feeder roads and working toward the rest of the city.

“My focus has always been on spending our money carefully,” he said. “We can’t do all the sidewalks at once, but we will do them as we can fit them in the budget.”

Pigg, who is entering his second term, said his focus will continue to be on safety issues, particularly as they relate to the police department and use of the city parks.

“We’re a family-oriented community,” Pigg said. “My No. 1 priority is my family and I work to make Pacific a safe place for all families.”