With estimated revenue of $42,000 and a beginning balance of $80,000, Pacific aldermen approved the city tourism commission’s amended budget for 2012-13 with proposed expenditures of $43,382.

The commission’s planned expenditures have something for everyone including city signs and banners, civic event advertising, city fireworks and two proposed projects, a welcome center and a veterans walk in Liberty Field.

The commission proposes to spend $9,120 on billboards and banners, $2,000 on maintenance of the city’s electric sign and $8,000 on directional signs.

Advertising line items include $462 for River Hills Traveler, $6,000 on Pacific Partnership activities, $2,500 on the Chamber of Commerce Spookfest, $2,000 on Lions Club circus, and $3,800 on Railroad Day advertising.

An additional $9,000 is set aside to purchase binoculars and a marker for Blackburn Park and $5,500 for 2013 fireworks.

After transferring $10,500 to the reserve fund, the commission shows an ending balance of $63,118. The reserve fund had a beginning balance of $20,000. After the $10,500 transfer total available reserve funds are $30,500.

The commission set aside $10,000 for welcome center improvements, $4,500 for Liberty Walk and $3,000 for the Franklin County magazine, leaving a reserve ending balance of $13,000.

The amended budget was approved at the Nov. 20 board of aldermen meeting.