City fathers say it’s time to consider building a new swimming pool and recreation building to replace the aging pool at the entrance to the city park.

Mayor Herb Adams asked Alderman Walter Arnette to spearhead a study to determine the scope of the project.

“Our pool is in horrible shape and we are at the crossroads of patching and repatching,” said Adams.

“We have to consider something different,” he said. “In recent days I approached the president of the board of aldermen with the idea of the administration moving forward to study beyond just repatching a 40-year-old pool, but building a new pool and with that a recreation center.”

Speaking at a recent board meeting, Adams said the community has talked about a recreation center for years.

“We’re asking for a study to look at a new pool and rec center,” the mayor said. “Walt (Arnette) thought about it and got back with me. It’s time to move forward.”

The project could be something as elaborate as an indoor-outdoor pool and a recreation building similar to the Point in Ellisville.

“When we look at larger projects most didn’t happen over night,” Adams said. “They took years of study and planning. Now you can see for yourself, the I-44 ramps, sidewalks and the riverbend school were talked about for more than three years.”

Cost to maintain the pool has reached a point where it may be cheaper to construct a new swimming pool, the mayor said. If the city were to undertake building a new pool it makes sense to create a new facility designed to meet the needs of today and the future.

Adams gave no direction on how Arnette was to interact with the citizens or determine the scope of the project.

“We’re not going to get in a hurry,” he said. “We didn’t get in a hurry to build the city hall. It took us a long time. The first study for a new city hall was done by Mayor Jill Pigg back in the 90s. What we’re asking Walter to do is to begin the process of defining a new pool and recreation building.”

The call for a new city pool dovetails with the work now under way to create a new comprehensive plan for the city and for the park system.

“We want to make sure that the people drafting the comprehensive plan know our position on the need for a new pool,” Adams said.