The Meramec Valley School District is adopting a new email system that will allow teachers to share calendars and retrieve content from home.

Beginning Jan. 15, Microsoft Office 365 will replace Morenet as the district email provider.

Cheryl Schlemper, technology director, and Debbie Haley, technology aide, explained the transition from the old email system to the new at the Dec. 19 school board meeting.

During the week of the transition, the technology department will go to each building to help teachers and staff members with the changeover.

“Plus, we’ll send emails on Jan. 14 and Jan. 15, which is the day of the switchover,” Schlemper said. “The entire switch from Morenet to Office 365 will take from 15 minutes to an hour.”

On the following day, subs will go into buildings to make sure change is running smoothly. There will be full-day subs at all buildings except Nike and Robertsville, where subs will be in the building for half of the day.

“Once the crossover is complete, all emails seen at school can also be seen at home,” Schlemper said. “Sharing the calendar will be a big thing.

“It’s important to know that this is a change in email client not a changed email address,” she added. “The email address will stay the same so there is not a lot to worry about.”

The new system gives the district web access in a bigger way, which will be a big improvement.”

The program will free up hard drive space because the program is in cloud space, Schlemper said.