"Over the limit, under arrest." That's the common message from law enforcement about drinking and driving.

Now, there's a new iPhone app that claims to know just how drunk you are. It's called "BreathalEyes," and it tracks eye movement to determine how drunk you are.

Company co-founder Robert Andrews explains how it works. "It takes a series of pictures of your eye, and tries to discern eye waggle in your eyes from left to right as you're looking at maximum deviation from side to side," he explains.

No better place to test it than at a ballark with some tailgaters. It's Jared Hitt's 23rd birthday.

"By using this app, we can get your BAC level--wanna give it a try and see what it is?" Our reporter says.

Jared replies, "Absolutely!"

Jared is under the limit, at .03, but another person at the tailgate, Jillian Zwergel, comes in at a point .08, the legal limit in Wisconsin.

"I don't know if I would trust it 100%, but I would say .08 sounds kinda right for me right now," Jillian admits.

So just how accurate is it? Andrews explains, "This is for entertainment purposes only, and we say ours is within plus or minus .02 accuracy." He adds, "Even if it's not 100% accurate, it gets people thinking about it."

Jillian downloaded it right away, but Jared admits, he wouldn't trust it completely.

"I would use this mixed with my own judgment, and I definitely wouldn't push the limits," Jared says.

"BreathalEyes" creators say there will be a new update in a couple weeks which will increase the accuracy of the app. Right now it costs $.99, but will go up to $1.99 once the update happens. It is only available on the iPhone at this time. Click here for more information.