The Republican incumbents for Missouri House seats in Franklin County are substantially spending and fundraising more than their Democratic opponents for the upcoming November general election.

Rep. Paul Curtman, R-Pacific, has no opponent for this August’s primary, but he will face off against Ann Schroeder, a Union Democrat who has served the past eight years as the county’s second district commissioner.

Curtman reported $18,321 in receipts for the most recent campaign quarter, which ended June 30, and $8,793 in expenditures.

Meanwhile Schroeder reported only $5,402 in receipts and $2,026 in expenditures.

Over the entire election cycle, Curtman has reported over $53,000 in receipts and almost $40,000 in expenditures. Schroeder has only raised roughly $5,500 and spent $2,226.

Candidates are required to report their quarterly campaign finances to the Missouri Ethics Commission.

A significant portion of the money Curtman has raised comes from outside of his district.

Of the donations reported during the most recent quarter, roughly $10,750 came from people and organizations located in other Missouri House districts. Some of the larger donors included candidates for other political offices, such as a $1,000 from John Brunner, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.

Another $4,000 in donations was reported from a dinner held in Fenton — also located outside the newly formed 109th District.

Schroeder reported donations from mostly outside her district. Of the $1,250 itemized, $1,000 came from individuals and companies in New Haven, Ballwin and Lawrence, Kan.

She also reported about $3,000 in loans from herself to her campaign.

Rep. Dave Schatz, R-Sullivan, is in a similar situation to Curtman. He too has no primary opponent and is substantially better off in his campaign war chest than his Democratic rival, Michael Sage, Hermann.

Schatz reported $1,443 in receipts and $7,115 in expenditures, but also brought with him $38,087 in cash on hand from his previous campaigns.

Sage meanwhile reported only $100 in donations — all from himself — and $38.49 in expenditures.

Included in Schatz’s expenses are a $5,000 contribution to the House Republican Campaign Committee.