Heartstrings Touching Ground by Jill Cohn

Seattle songwriter Jill Cohn will be in St. Louis this Saturday, May 2, for a concert at The Wine Press, 4436 Olive St., from 8 to 10 p.m. The event is part of a tour for her newest release, “Heartstrings Touching Ground,” with Grammy Award winning producer Malcolm Burn.

Currents Arts and Entertainment Editor Ethan Busse said Cohn’s new album “is as easy listening as indie female artists get.

“Melodious vocals and light rhythmic strumming and percussion support the flowing nature of Cohn’s storytelling. Influences seem to hint at Emmylou Harris’ ‘Red Dirt Girl’ and Rosanne Cash’s ‘Rules of Travel’ albums.

“Great music for a carefree road trip or for light background music, especially in a bistro or studio setting,” said Busse.

For more information, people can visit www.jillcohn.com.