FaceBook Stalking your Ex

Un-friend your ex with a friend on hand for moral support

© Dusan Marceta/Alamy

(Daily Mail) Not only can it waste hours of your precious time, but according to research, Facebook can be bad for your emotional health, too.

A recent study conducted at Brunel University has revealed that as many as half of Facebook users - that's more than half a billion of us - are risking psychological damage from using the site to spy on former flames.

Even if you only joined the social networking site to look at your niece's wedding photos or pictures of your colleague's new baby, it is hard to stop yourself keeping tabs on an ex-partner when their face pops up on your timeline.

Clicking on his profile to see him with his arms around another woman, or even simply enjoying an evening out with mutual friends can feel like a knife through the heart.

Before the advent of Twitter and Facebook, or photo-sharing sites like Instagram, it took serious dedication to spy on a former lover, prying information from friends, or hanging hopefully around their favorite haunts.

But now you can keep up continual surveillance, READ MORE