The final defendant in a large-scale methamphetamine conspiracy was sentenced this week in federal court.

Shelly M. Peterman, 42, Villa Ridge, was sentenced Wednesday, March 27, to 41 months in prison in the investigation.

Twenty-one suspects from Franklin and Jefferson counties were indicted last year by a federal grand jury on felony charges in the case. The other defendants were sentenced previously.

They were involved in a conspiracy to manufacture and distribute methamphetamine in St. Louis and Franklin counties as early as January 2009, and continuing though July 2011, according to the indictments.  

All of the cases were related. Some of the suspects obtained illegal amounts of pseudoephedrine, the vital ingredient needed to manufacture meth, and delivered it to others who were manufacturing the drug.

These defendants were sentenced earlier by U.S. District Court Judge Stephen N. Limbaugh Jr.:

 Jerry A. Hendrickson, 27, Franklin County, 110 months prison;

Jerry M. Walling, 49, Catawissa, 110 months;

Jason S. Sparks, 33, Villa Ridge, 94 months;

Dale M. Harris, 44, Pacific, 57 months;

Ethan M. Lepinski, 47, Pacific, 96 months;

William L. McKinney, 22, Pacific, 36 months;

Elaine M. Scroggs, 22, Pacific, 41 months;

Miranda J. Everhart, 21, Pacific, 28 months;

Aaron A. Lyerla, 33, Arnold, 41 months;            

Larry R. Collier, 40, St. Clair, 87 months;

Tammy L. Busch, 41, Pacific, 70 months;

Andrea R. Dowling, 28, Villa Ridge, 27 months;

Michael S. Pich, 32, Villa Ridge, 57 months;

Michelle A. Sizemore, 37, Fenton, 57 months;

Douglas E. Hughes, 29, Pacific, 64 months;

Sarah A. Matchell, 23, Labadie, 37 months;

Eric E. Lyerla, 37, Pacific, 27 months;

Angela J. Holley, 33, Arnold, 28 months;

Ann L. Matchell, 47, Labadie, 37 months; and

Amy N. Bueker, 25, Pacific, 46 months.

The joint criminal investigation involved the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, Franklin County Narcotics Enforcement Unit and Kirkwood and Pacific police departments.