Weinhaus in Custody

Lt. Steve Elliott of the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, right, escorts Jeffrey Weinhaus into the booking room at the county jail Thursday morning. Weinhaus, who was wounded during an armed confrontation with Missouri Highway Patrol investigators in September, was arrested on an outstanding felony warrant.

Jeffrey Weinhaus, aka Bulletinman, who was shot by Missouri Highway Patrol investigators in September, was arrested Thursday morning on an outstanding warrant when he appeared for a hearing in associate circuit court.

Weinhaus, 45, is known for his Internet blogging and videos in which he has criticized judicial, law enforcement and other officials, and has made what were perceived by some to be threatening statements. The man denies he ever made direct threats against anyone.

It was the first court appearance by Weinhaus since a three-count felony warrant was issued against him. When highway patrol investigators went to arrest Weinhaus on the warrant Sept. 11 an armed confrontation occurred at a gas station south of St. Clair. The investigators allege that they shot Weinhaus when he refused to comply with them and began drawing a handgun.

Weinhaus was hospitalized until early October with gunshot wounds he sustained in the incident.

An attorney representing Weinhaus filed a motion requesting a reduction of the $50,000 cash-only bond to $7,500. Associate Circuit Judge Dave Hoven heard arguments Thursday and then took the motion under advisement. He also directed the sheriff to have Weinhaus examined to see if he was fit for confinement.

Following the hearing, Franklin County deputies took Weinhaus into custody and transferred him to the county jail for booking and incarceration.

He then was taken to Mercy Hospital Washington for examination and was deteremined to be physically fit for confimentment in the jail, Sheriff Gary Toelke said.

He remained in jail Friday on the original $50,000 cash bond.

New Charges

Weinhaus originally was charged with possession of a controlled substance (morphine) and tampering with a judicial officer, both felonies, and misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

Prosecuting Attorney Bob Parks filed an amended warrant Thursday charging Weinhaus with five additional felony counts including two counts each of attempted assault on a law enforcement officer and armed criminal action and one felony count of resisting arrest.

Parks requested the judge set a $100,000 cash-only bond on the amended warrant.

That request and a motion by Parks that Weinhaus undergo a psychiatric examination also were taken under advisement by Judge Hoven.

Parks said Hoven indicated he would rule on the motions once he received a report that Weinhaus was fit for confinement.

The Investigation

Investigators with the highway patrol’s Division of Drug and Crime Control went to serve a search warrant Aug. 22 for the seizure of computers belonging to Weinhaus based on alleged threats directed at law enforcement and judicial officials in Crawford County . Weinhaus broadcast those video blogs from his home off Highway K, south of St. Clair.

When Weinhaus opened the door, the troopers smelled marijuana smoke coming from the house. After Weinhaus refused to let them search the home they obtained another search warrant and inside they seized a misdemeanor amount of marijuana and some pills, later identified as containing morphine, according to Parks.

Then on Sept. 11, troopers arranged to meet Weinhaus at the MFA Oil gas station on Highway K, south of Route 30, under the pretext of returning his computers and video equipment. But they actually were there to serve the Franklin County warrant.

When the man got out of his car, troopers told him he was under arrest. They noticed Weinhaus was wearing a holstered pistol and when they ordered him to take his hands away from the gun, he unstrapped the holster and began drawing the weapon, according to a patrol report. They then fired several times out of fear for their safety, the patrol said.

In an email sent to The Missourian, Weinhaus says he never reached for his weapon and that his hands were raised when he was shot. In the email he calls the Missouri Highway Patrol “liars” and says that he has a tape of the incident.

“Not to mention the three eyewitnesses who saw me raise my hands and then I was shot in cold blood by the assassins at the MHP. Two to the chest and one to the head is how they train killers to kill,” Weinhaus writes in the email which was sent to several news outlets and the Missouri Attorney General’s Office among others.

Weinhaus, who has described himself as a born-again Christian and both a political activist and a political prisoner, has been provoking politicians, judges and law enforcement officials in several eastern Missouri counties for years.

In a video post Sept. 9, he threatened to “occupy the courthouse” on Sept. 14 or Sept. 17, but did not specify which courthouse.

That post led the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office to increase security measures at the courthouse there, and officials in Crawford County took extra security measures as well.