Makaela and Cieanna Kosatka

Two Gerald juveniles, Makaela Kosatka, left, and Cieanna Kosatka, right, are believed to have run away from home. Police were still looking for the missing girls a day after their disappearance.

A tip from a St. Louis area bail bondsmen led police to two missing Gerald sisters in the Bland area, authorities said.

Gerald Police Chief Tommie Lowe said Cieanna, 12, and Makaela Kosatka, 15, were located Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. after police received information that the girls were on a street near Bland.

The passerby called his bail bondsman after he saw the girls, and the bondsman then contacted Gerald police.

Cieanna and Makaela, who authorities suspect ran away from home Monday morning, were unharmed.

Gerald police and the Missouri Department of Social Services are investigating the incident, Lowe said.

The girls may have left their home following a disagreement with their mother Monday morning.

Lowe told The Missourian that a witness saw the two girls along Highway 50 east of Gerald at 10:50 a.m. Monday speaking to the driver of a four-door 1980s model, dark blue car.

Police suspected the girls were going to visit an acquaintance in St. Peters.

Friends of the girls said they were told by the sisters that they planned to run away, according to Lowe.