With its scenes that almost follow the book, including most of the details and its visual effects, “The Hunger Games” movie promises to be enjoyable for people whether they have read the book or not.

The movie, based on the book, is set in a future world that was once North America and is now called Panem.

This world is divided up into the Capitol and its outlying 12 districts.

There was once an uprising against the Capitol’s rule, in which the 13th district got destroyed.

Since that uprising, the Capitol created the Hunger Games, in which one boy and one girl from each district go to fight in an arena.

This is a fight to the death since there can be only one victor.

Katniss Everdeen, 16, volunteers to take her sister’s place when her sister Primrose, known as “Prim,” is called to be a tribute to the games.

The survival skills that Katniss has learned from hunting in the woods in her district make her a contender to win the games.

When I first heard of “The Hunger Games,” I thought it would be a horrible book because of the fact that children are basically killing each other in order to survive, but as I read on, I felt drawn into the story.

The differences from the society in the book and our own society and what we know of what is right and wrong were the main components that drew me into the story.

The Capitol leaders want the tributes to be killed and even want to televise the event to everyone. In addition, the people of the Capitol actually take bets on who will win.

These are things that the reader are not used to seeing in our society, but readers can still understand them and that makes the book worth reading.

The book is written in such a way to make it an interesting read for lots of people with its romantic element and actions.

Reading “The Hunger Games” or just watching the movie make a person desire for a sequel.