Students at Union High School are involved in many different groups throughout school, but by far one of the most popular clubs is TREC.

TREC stands for Teaching Recreational Education and Coexistence.

Its focus is to raise awareness about environmental issues such as conservation, dependency, advocacy and to just plain get children outside.

The club sponsor is Penny Studt, an English teacher at Union High School.

Studt brought TREC with her when she moved to Union High School five years ago. Studt developed the program because she said it encompassed her true passion in education.

She also is involved in building a curriculum because she would like to see the program incorporated in public education.

TREC members do many different service projects throughout the year.

"Our service learning projects include trail construction and maintenance, plant and tree surveys, litter patrol and conservation tasks," said Studt.

Many other activities involve club members having fun outdoors and help promote active living.

Some activities they have done and will continue to do include a yearly camping trip, backpacking, geocaching, fishing and eagle watching.

At their 2010 yearly camping trip, the members went to Robertsville State Park.

"This year we had tons of fun," said Josy Eastman, a junior at Union High School and a member of TREC. "We sat around a campfire, talked and roasted marshmallows. The only bad thing is that in the middle of the night, it started pouring rain."

This past year, they played paint ball and trampoline dodge ball. This year, the group also hopes to attempt zip lining.

There are currently 25 students in TREC, and it is only $10 to join.

They meet twice a month during a class called Advisory and once a month at an off-campus location to do volunteer work and incentive activities.

"I enjoy seeing kids working and playing together outside," Studt said, "I get to participate in something I already love and share this passion with a younger generation."