Five Flavors of Dumb

“The Five Flavors of Dumb” by Antony John was not what I was expecting when I picked it up and read it.

I expected some sort of story where the main character struggles to get through life.

I didn’t expect to see the relationship that Piper, the main character, had with her family.

That truly is what made this book so different from books that I usually read.

The book follows the story of Piper, a girl who is the manager of a band called Dumb. However, Piper is deaf and unable to hear anything that her band is playing.

Even with this misfortune she forges on as the manager of the band trying to find them a proper gig.

If she can get them a real paying gig in a month, she can prove that even someone who is deaf can do what they want if they put their mind to it.

The author did a very good job when writing this book. He put in aspects that I didn’t expect to read and wrote a character that I felt almost as if I could visually feel as the chapters went by. Piper’s emotions just came off the page.

“The Five Flavors of Dumb” overall is a very great read that I would recommend to anyone who wants to get out of their usual reading zone for something that you don’t see a lot in books.

This book has a lot of character depth too and an interesting story line.