Clem Genteman

Clem Genteman

Clem Genteman, 73, a teacher at St. Gertrude School, has been teaching for 53 years.

He had always wanted to become a teacher since he was a student in high school.

He said he wanted to become a teacher because he was inspired by all of the teachers he had as a child in grade school and high school.

Currently, he teaches eighth-grade religion classes at St. Gertrude School.

Genteman said his favorite things about being a teacher are that he gets to meet all of the new students and that he gets to teach them the love that God has for them.

When he was a kid, he said his favorite class was art education but now as a teacher, he said his favorite subject to teach is religion.

Genteman is one of the few male staffers at the school.

Outside of school, he has many hobbies. He collects many items and has a large collection of ties and African violets.