Helps Student

Shanon Bote, an algrebra/prealgebra teacher at WMS, helps a student with a worksheet.                 

Photo by Molly White, WMS.

Shanon Bote, an algebra/prealgebra teacher at Washington Middle School, began her first year of teaching here after attending University of Missouri-Columbia.

Bote said she loves watching students understand what she’s teaching.

According to Bote, it’s very exciting for her seeing “the light come on” when students understand how to do something.

Learning from students at WMS is one of her favorite things about teaching.

Bote said the teacher teaches the student, but the student, in turn, teaches the teacher, too.

She said she believes she is different from other teachers in that she’s extremely happy all the time.

It “takes a lot to bring me down,” she said.

Bote said she gets excited about what she’s teaching and loves teaching it too, in a fun, animated way.

She puts a fun spin on learning in her classes, whether it is singing a song about the quadratic equation or thinking up fun, creative projects.

Outside of school, Bote has a lot of hobbies. She likes running and just ran in her first race, a half-marathon, Sunday, April 15.

She also enjoys being outdoors and hiking and hopes someday to attempt a 14-er, which is a mountain that has a 14,000-foot-tall peak.

Bote also has fun traveling and taking pictures. She has been quite a few places, but she said the most exciting place that she has been to so far was Queenstown, New Zealand, because that is where she went bungee-jumping.

In her life right now, Bote is looking forward to going on a cruise with her mom after her mom gets married.

Bote said she would love to go on an African safari to see elephants in the wild. She thinks African animals would be so neat to see.