Franklin County Clerk Debbie Door said before this week’s election her office was expanding a new iPad 3-based voter identification system to more precincts.

Poll workers have been using the devices as a quicker way for voters to check in since this April.

During that election, two precincts had poll workers equipped with the devices which included an application developed by St. Louis-based Know iNK. The iPads also were used during the June special election in Union.

The program uses the iPad 3’s built-in cameras to scan barcodes on voter notification cards or driver’s licenses or allows poll workers to look up voters’ information manually and verify their signature by physically signing on the devices with a stylus.

Poll workers Tuesday said the iPads have made their jobs easier.

“It’s very easy and accurate,” said election official Donna Myers. “People seem … excited that our county has this.”

Jenny Garbs said people have reacted favorably.

“They say ‘Wow, that’s high-tech.’ ” They like the idea. It is fun and goes much more quickly,” Garbs said.

Judy Huntley, another election official working the polls this week, said the devices allow workers to get people through the line quickly and is less stressful when large groups come in.

Door told The Missourian earlier this year she had been researching digital voter identification verification systems for some time.

The county commission approved an order earlier this year allowing Door to purchase the iPads and software licenses from Know iNK. The order said bids were not required as the software is proprietary and the only one of its kind.

Door didn’t say exactly how much the devices and applications would cost, but noted the money would come from grants, not county general revenue.