Franklin County Republican candidates seeking public office filed their last reports summarizing campaign spending for the August primaries earlier this month.

In the races for Franklin County Commission, the candidates with the most bucks weren’t the ones garnering the most votes, however.

In the first district Republican race, Tim Baker, Robertsville, spent $19,856.26.

The winner of the election, Tim Brinker, Washington, spent $11,256.44.

Ron Keeven, New Haven, spent $7,687.

Terry Wilson, Washington, the incumbent, spent the least, $6,812.58.

A total of $47,074.62 was raised by the four committees.

Brinker is unopposed in the November general election.

In the second district Republican race, the biggest spender was Gary Young, Union.

Young spent $6,524.57 on his unsuccessful campaign.

Mike Schatz, Sullivan, who won the election, spent $3,498.41.

Ted Diez, Union, reported $3,731.76 in expenditures.

Mark Falloon, Sullivan, reported $2,344.72 in campaign spending.

Jerry Landing, Sullivan, filed only a limited activity report, meaning he spent less than $500 on the campaign.

The four candidates who did file financial reports with the state’s ethics commission, raised a total of $10,261.48.

Most of the candidates in both commission races financed a major portion of their campaigns with loans or donations from themselves or their spouses.

Schatz will face Democrat Teresa Connelly, Union, in November.

In the race for 20th Circuit Court judge, incumbent Gael Wood far outspent challenger and former judge Cindy Eckelkamp.

Wood spent a reported $34,555.90 versus Eckelkamp’s $490.58.

Wood, a Republican, will not face a general election opponent later this year.

Wood reported $51,209.99 in receipts. Eckelcamp reported no receipts, funding her campaign with only a loan from herself.