State Sen. Bill Stouffer, a Republican running for the secretary of state seat, visited the Union Missourian office recently to discuss his qualifications for the position.

Stouffer, of Napton, is a life-long resident of Saline County, a farmer, and small business owner. He is a former school board president and graduate of the University of Missouri College of Agriculture. He has been a farmer since 1967.

Stouffer is seeking the seat of Secretary of State Robin Carnahan who is not seeking re-election.

He has been traveling across the state visiting with library directors and county clerks, two areas that fall under the umbrella of the secretary of state’s office.

If elected, Stouffer said he would work for “tough voter ID regulations,” and ensuring that the vote of those in the military is counted.

He added that there should be a stringent deadline for when ballots are complete in order to achieve some of his goals.

Stouffer said he would like to make changes to the office that would make it easier for business owners to register with the state,

“There are a myriad of categories of businesses,” he said. “You shouldn’t have to get a lawyer to know what category of business you are.”

He added that this office would not be a “steppingstone” for higher offices.

“I have no desire to be governor,” he said. “This is too often a steppingstone. I think this is a real opportunity to serve the people of the state.”

Stouffer also stated that he would like to create better online access to the secretary of state’s office, and residents should be able to reach the office by telephone.

“When they call the secretary of state office, they should get an answer,” he said.

Stouffer will face Sen. Scott Rupp and state Rep Shane Schoeller in the Aug. 7 Republican primary.