The Franklin County Republican Central Committee is calling on state part leaders to write official endorsements for U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin.

The committee passed a resolution Tuesday night by a vote of 17-1 calling for the endorsements.

“The Franklin County Republican Central Committee stands in agreement with, and we publicly voice the same support as, the voters in the state of Missouri for their selection in the Aug. 7 primary election for the U.S. Senate seat, Todd Akin,” the resolution reads.

Akin has been asked by some Republican party officials in Missouri and on the national level to withdraw from the race after he commented last month that victims of “legitimate rape” have biological abilities to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Akin’s comments caused him to lose support, including the backing of his biggest single contributor, the political action committee of St. Louis-based Emerson Electric.

The company’s PAC and its employees have donated $36,200 to his campaign, according to, including CEO David Farr, who donated the individual maximum of $5,000.

This year his campaign warchest is lacking compared to his opponent, incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill.

According to McCaskill has raised about $12.5 million and has spent $9.2 million so far this year, with Akin raising and spending about $2.2 million.

Akin was not the winner in Franklin County in the August Republican primary.

John Brunner, a St. Louis businessman and Marine Corps veteran, received slightly more votes than Akin.

Brunner got 35.55 percent, or 4,801 votes, over Akin’s 35.33 percent, or 4,771 votes.

Sarah Steelman, a former state treasurer from Rolla, received 3,286 votes, or 24.33 percent.

The local Republican committee “calls for the Missouri Republican State Committee to publicly endorse and be in agreement to financially support Todd Akin.”

The committee calls on state party leaders, 26th District senatorial committee persons and Republican office holders, including U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt, U.S. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, state Sen. Brian Nieves and others, to all endorse Akin, repeatedly referring to the candidate as “the people’s choice.”