In the closest race in the county, Debbie Will-

ming Aholt became the next Franklin County treasurer.

Aholt, edged Greg A. Toelke, brother of Sheriff Gary Toelke.

Aholt received 5,912 votes in Tuesday’s Republican primary to Toelke’s 5,838, or 46.42 percent to 45.83 percent — winning by 74 votes.

Jesse Marts, the third Republican in the race, received 987 votes, or 7.75 percent.

“I want to thank all the voters for placing their confidence in me as their next Franklin County treasurer,” Aholt told The Missourian. “I also want to thank my family and friends for their encouragement and support — especially my dad, the hardest working campaigner I know.

“I will continue to perform my duties as treasurer with honesty and integrity to show my appreciation.  I will remain ever mindful that my office has been entrusted with the safekeeping of (taxpayers’) hard-earned dollars,” she said.

Aholt currently is the county’s deputy treasurer under outgoing Treasurer Alvin “Squeaky” Marquart,

She has been in that position for about four years. Her first term as treasurer will begin in January.

No Democrat filed for the office, so Aholt will be unopposed in the November general election ballot.

Aholt, 47, worked at Bank of Washington for over 10 years prior to becoming the deputy treasurer.

She said one of her goals will be to modernize the treasurer’s office.

Following the election, Aholt said she was glad to have run a positive, clean campaign.

“I would like to express my gratitude to Greg Toelke and Jesse Marts for conducting the most honorable of campaigns,” she said. “I’ll always be grateful for being given the opportunity to get to know these two class acts.”

Marquart announced in February he wasn’t seeking a sixth term.

He has served in the office since 1992 and is currently one of only two Democrats holding an elected county position.

Marquart held on to his position in 2008 edging out Republican Kevin Threlkeld by a 23,765-23,627 vote.