For the first five months of this year, Franklin County has a slight gain in its revenue from its sales taxes.

The gain is $180,135 compared to the first five months in 2011.

Franklin County has three sales taxes. Each is for a half cent. The taxes go to the general revenue fund, capital improvements (roads and bridges) and law enforcement.

The state collects the sales taxes for counties and cities. It reimburses the entities monthly. The money represents taxes paid in recent prior months.

Collections in May 2012 trailed revenue received in the same month in 2011.

Here is the payment report from the state through May:

General Revenue

The May 2012 income from the half-cent sales tax for general revenue totaled $269,719.11. That is $73,098.01 less than what was received in May 2011.

For the year, five months, the total is $2,009,782.85, which is $60,222.20 more than for the same period in 2011.

Roads and Bridges

Income from the sales tax for roads and bridges in the May payment was $269,719.16, which was down from the May 2011 reimbursement from the state by $73,098.03.

For five months this year, the total is $2,009,782.97. That is $60,222.83 more than was collected in the same period in 2011.

Law Enforcement

The half-cent sales tax for law enforcement produced revenue of $269,438.36 in the May 2012 payment. That total is $73,255.30 less than the May 2011 payment.

The five-month total for 2012 is $2,008,838.52. For the same period last year the total was $1,949,148.40. The revenue is ahead of 2011 by $59,690.12.

The 2012 year-to-date total for all three of the taxes is $6,028,404.34, which is $180,135.15 greater than the 2011 total.

Sales tax collections are an indicator of spending in the county.